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Put the power of Silver Coast Properties’ network of top-ranking websites to work for you, reaching potential home buyers from across the country.

Research indicates that roughly 90% of families are initially conducting their real estate and community searches online. Silver Coast Properties is exploiting this online trend by offering a portfolio of top-ranking websites for our customers to market and gain exposure for their homes from an national audience. With the vast majority of home purchases coming from families located outside of North Carolina, the old real estate marketing plan of placing an ad in the local paper and putting a sign in the yard has become obsolete. Our national marketing approach through Internet search engines and websites offers targeted offers the greatest marketing reach to a targeted audience.

The listing below details some of the locations where we advertise your home, as well as market the Sandpiper Bay community.

Search Engine Positioning

Silver Coast Properties’ powerful marketing reach is furthered by our top organic (not advertised) results in the top search, including, and Our focused keyword marketing strategy targets those families interested in coastal North Carolina real estate, as well as those interested specifically in golf communities. This broader provides are selling clients with the greater exposure and allows for greater potential from those would-be owners that are not familiar with Sandpiper Bay and expands on the exposure that would be realized by simply listing a home in the Multiple Listing service.

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Our websites rank in the top results for search targeted search terms like:

  • “Sandpiper Bay Real Estate”
  • “Sandpiper Bay Home For Sale”
  • “Sandpiper Bay Condominiums for Sale”
  • “North Carolina Golf Communities”
  • “NC Golf Communities”
  • “Sunset Beach Golf Communities”
  • “Golf Communities in Sunset Beach”
  • “Coastal NC Communities”
  • “Coastal NC Retirement Communities”
  • “NC Boating Communities”
  • “NC Tennis Communities”

In addition to our organic results, Silver Coast Properties files the holes where our marketing effort aren’t realized, including advertises with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing where our websites don’t appear in the top search engine results.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can market and sell your home.

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